• Government contracts; procurement and sub-contracting - International Counsel to US energy corporation with substantial operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and affiliates in Cyprus, Ireland and the UK. US Government contracts subject to FAR and DFAR.


• Joint Ventures – International Environmental - assisted US technology company to establish series of international joint ventures relative to environmental clean-up matters throughout Central Europe and Russia;


• Intellectual Property - was international counsel to US legal publishing company (InterLaw) engaged in computerization and publishing of English-language versions of all laws in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Rumania, Ukraine, Belarus.


• Minerals and raw materials - advised and assisted US company relative to mineral acquisition transaction in Russia.


• Barter - represented US, Ukrainian and Uzbekhistan interests in proposed cement for agricultural products barter transaction; drafted barter contracts for Pakistan-US commodities exchange project.


• International Publishing - conceived, negotiated and managed US-UK publishing joint venture (Butterworths UK).


• Energy - represented major international US oil company (Mobil Oil) with corporate matters and agreements in French Africa: Mali, Madagascar, Tchad, Congo, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Benin, Togo.


• Insurance – Acquisition, Insurance - represented several US life insurance companies relative to acquisitions of different Luxembourg, German, Italian and Korean life insurance companies; Privatization - represented US insurer relative to privatization and joint venture insurance project in Poland; was counsel to international insurance group (Commercial Union Group) assisting with acquisitions and general contracts.


Leasing and Finance - Counsel to the Leasing and Finance Division of PepsiCo, Inc. whose business operations required the design and implementation of a great variety of business and financial agreements; drafting of equipment leases and conditional sales agreements (“dirty leases”), design and documentation of master leases and general leases and sales; purchase/ sales and securitization of assets. Drafting, negotiation and documentation of operating and finance leases, extended lines of credit, collateral and support documentation dealing with secured and unsecured financing of equipment and fixtures, mobile and non-mobile assets of all types. Clients included PepsiCo Leasing Corporation, PepsiCo Airlease, Chandler Leasing, Rental Electronics Inc, and PepsiCo Marine.

• Aviation and aviation finance - acted as general counsel to PepsiCo Airlease Corporation, 1973-75, negotiated, drafted and documented aircraft transactions, including leveraged, operating, finance leases, conditional sales, secured transactions, sales and purchases involving large aircraft, helicopters and engines; performed legal work and provided legal advice and assistance to major US air carrier (Northwest Airlines) setting up its operations in France - 1985; provided all legal work for US entity (Aircraft Partners) established to acquire Boeing 747 aircraft -1991; worked on numerous aspects of start-up operations of new international US airline-1991, 1992; Co-Chair, 1997, 1998, 1999 and Vice Chair 2000, 2001 American Bar Association, Section of International Law and Practice, International Aviation and Aerospace Law Committee; Co-author, “1997 Year-in Review - International Aviation and Aerospace Law”, The International Lawyer, Summer 1998; co-author for topic in “1998 Year in Review”, 1999 Year in Review”, “2000 Year in Review”; author, “International Aviation and the Unidroit Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment”, 1998.


• Aerospace transactions, joint ventures, agreements - international counsel for US manufacturer of small LEO and GEO satellites (CTA Incorporated); advice and assistance with regard to US export control compliance; managed coordination with USTR, the White House, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, NASA, the Air Force, State Department, DTSA; preparation and negotiation of Technology Assistance Agreements with requisite US government agencies relative to Russian and Ukrainian joint venture projects; work with Eximbank on structuring loan agreements on behalf of US manufacturing entities; work with parties involving launch agreements; drafting of joint venture agreements with Russian companies and Russian Space Agency.


• Selected transactions - represented French companies with the establishment of operations and/or distribution of products in the US and Central and Eastern Europe, including all related agreements. Companies included major French chemical manufacturer (Rhone Poulenc), French insert molding machinery company (PressKap) for its manufacturing, technology transfer and distribution operations in US, Russia and Poland, eyeglass frame manufacturers with sales, financing, distribution and manufacturing in the US, US distribution for French manufacturer of perfume containers, French manufacturer of luxury bath and kitchen fixtures and appliances, major French manufacturer of automobile interiors and high-tech furniture (Sommer-Allibert), principal French manufacturer of high-quality baking ovens, French brewing company, French heat transfer technology company (Spirec), French pharmaceutical companies, Belgian holding company (Sybetra); assisted US company with the sale of large trucks in Nigeria.




For over forty years, Aaron Schildhaus has represented corporate and institutional clients in business transactions. He advises and assists clients in the structuring, drafting, negotiation and documentation of business agreements and contracts of all types, including agreements for: international and domestic joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, bulk sales, purchases, sales, franchising, licensing, non-disclosure, confidentiality, non-circumvention, finders, commission, real estate development, purchase and sales, real estate leasing, construction, procurement, operating and finance equipment leasing, leveraged leases, sales of assets, employment, consulting, loans, security, partnership and shareholder, international distribution, franchising; licensing, intellectual property, procurement and agency.

Examples of his experience in the transactional area include: