Aaron Schildhaus fills a special legal practice niche between the United States and the rest of the world. For 40+ years, his work across cultures, languages, countries and legal systems gives him a unique substantive and working expertise and a network of close personal contacts with leading lawyers throughout the world. Using his considerable legal skills and these added advantages for his clients’ benefit, the net result is outstanding.




Our firm is compact, flexible and responsive. We help you and your legal team manage the work, the response time and the budget, saving you time and money. And we get the legal results you need!




Schildhaus’ substantive practice experience and achievements (see “Practice” and “Profile”) help explain how he is able to provide clients with the “legal edge”. NON-US COMPANIES IN THE US, and US COMPANIES ABROAD have significant advantages by having Schildhaus on their team. As an example, suppose a European or a Latin American, or an Indian corporation has one or more legal matters in the US. Such matters are likely to involve entities in different cities, different states and counties. Some cases may involve disputes with possible litigation; other matters may involve any one or more of the following: acquisitions, financing, licensing, various types of contracts, corporate matters, or projects with US components. There may be actual or potential administrative actions with US and/or local government entities. Each case represents different challenges and different considerations. For each of these legal matters, the client will need proper legal representation, which frequently translates into the need for different lawyers/law firms with different competences in a variety of US venues. Arbitration, litigation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, employment, licensing, distribution - all differ; all require specialized legal expertise. No one firm can do all. Separate lawyers and law firms will be needed for each case. We know the world, we know the market, we know the issues, and we know the right lawyers and the right firms. We get you the results. We help you find the right firm; the right lawyer – quickly and efficiently. Unlike large firms, we have virtually no conflicts of interest. And, our network of contacts is second to none. In addition to the need for specialized substantive expertise, it should be noted that most litigation, real or potential, is local, meaning there will be a need for local counsel. The adverse party is likely to be located in a state or county where the big, national or multinational law firms do not have offices. We can help there, too. In addition to identifying and engaging the best lawyers in each jurisdiction, and those with the needed specialty, we fill another very important, and little appreciated need, i.e., we bridge the gaps. We understand different legal systems, and we understand business inside and outside the US. We appreciate the perspectives of those for whom English is not their native language, as well as those for whom the United States remains “different” in business and legal terms. Not only are we the best in our areas of practice, we serve as the legal and business bridge world-wide, and we do so better and more effectively than others. Those are very special and rare strengths. Understanding the differences, and assisting your legal team to keep outside legal costs under control is our forte. We understand billing practices, we oversee the work, and we keep the lid on excessive legal fees. US CLIENTS OPERATING







Counsel and Advice, Due Diligence - Internal and External Investigations; Compliance Programs; Design and Drafting of Legislation; Enforcement, We represent, advise and assist large and small, US and non-US corporations relative to compliance with anti-corruption legislation in the United States and world-wide. Read more...


For over forty years, Aaron Schildhaus has represented corporate and institutional clients in business transactions. He advises and assists clients in the structuring, drafting, negotiation and documentation of business agreements and contracts of all types, including agreements for: international and domestic joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, bulk sales, Read more...



Mr. Schildhaus has worked with litigation counsel throughout his career. In his role as Counsel to US and European entities, he has worked with inside corporate counsel and with outside counsel in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia. Successfully concluded litigation issues included: Read more...



2010 – US Chair of “Lawyers Without Rights”, international exposition of the German Federal Bar on Jewish lawyers in Nazi Germany DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

2010 – Special Award by the Israel Bar in Recognition of International Achievements

2009 – Chair, ABA Section of International Law (24000+ members)

2009 - Inaugurated as Nigerian Chief, Oloye Baamofin Gbogbogbo of Owoland (International Law Chieftain)

2009 – Special Award for his Contribution to US – India Relations by the Society of Indian Law Firms

2008 – Made Honorary Life Member, Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA)

2006 – Received ABA Mayre Rasmussen Award in recognition of his achievements in “Advancing Opportunities for Women in International Law”



International and US - American Bar Association; ABA International


• Since 2010 - Senior Advisor, International Anti–Corruption Committee

• Since 2010 – Chair, ABA-Israel Bar Association Annual Conference - Israel

• Since 2009 – Lifetime Member of Council of ABA International

• Since 2009 – Inducted as Lifetime Nigerian Chief — Oloye Baamofin Gbogbogbo of Owoland

• 2008-2009 - Chair, ABA International (23,000+ members)

• 2009-2010 - Chair, Nominating Committee, ABA International

• Since 2009 – Senior Advisor, India Committee

• Since 2009 – ABA Delegate to United Nations in Geneva and Vienna

• Since 2009 - Liaison to the Israel Bar

• 2009 – Liaison to the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)

• Since 2005 - Liaison to the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)

• Since 2008 - Member of Board of Governors, ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ROLI)

• 2006 – 2007 Member of the Board of ABA Africa

• 2009 – Co-head (with ABA President), ABA Delegation to the United Nations

• 2009 – Head of International Legal Exchange (ILEX) Delegation to India

• 2009 – Head of Delegation to Brazil and Peru

• 2006-2008 – Representative to meetings of Bar of the International Criminal Court

• Since 2004 – Delegate to German Bar Association Annual Meetings

• Since 2006 – Delegate to Israel Bar Association Annual Meetings, Eilat

• Since 2004 – Delegate to AIJA Annual Congress –Naples Geneva Toronto Paris Budapest

• 2008 – Head of ILEX Delegation to the Hague, the world’s courthouse

• 2008 – ILEX Delegation to Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

• 2008 – International Bar Leaders Delegation to Russia, Ukraine and Georgia

• 2007 – Chair, ABA Delegation to the EU Institutions, Brussels

• 2007 – International Bar Leaders Delegation to Germany and Italy

• 2006 – International Bar Leaders Delegation to Argentina, Brazil and Chile

• 2005 – ILEX International Dispute Resolution Briefing Trips: London and Paris

• 2003, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 - ABA Delegation to the United Nations

• 2003, 2005 –Member of Delegation to International Courts and Institutions at the Hague

• 2007 – Chair-elect, ABA International

• 2006 – Vice Chair, ABA International

• 2005 – Finance Officer, ABA International

• 2004 – Secretary/Liaison Officer, ABA International

• 2003 – Division Chair, Regional and Comparative Law Division, ABA International – including Africa Committee, Asia-Pacific Committee, China Committee, Europe Committee, Russia-Eurasia Committee, Latin-American/Caribbean Committee, Middle East Committee, Canada Committee, Mexico Committee, Islamic Law Forum, Transnational Legal Practice Committee, Cross-Cultural Law Committee

• Chair, 2003 Spring Meeting, Washington, DC


Prior to 2003


• Chair, International Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and Non-Profit Organizations (2001-2004)

• Chair, International Aviation and Aerospace Law Committee (1997-2000)

• Chair, Law Student and New Lawyer Outreach Committee (1997-2001)

• Chair, International Service Industries Committee (1987-1992)

• Chair, International Venture Capital Subcommittee of International Finance Committee (1987- 1992)

• Deputy Chief of ABA Delegation to the World Summit on Sustainable Development – Johannesburg (2002)

• Since 2001 - International money Laundering Task Force

• Since 1995 - International Anti-Corruption Task Force

• Since 2000 - ABA Dispute Resolution Section

• Since 1986 - Business Law Section

• Since 2006 - General Practice Division; former vice chair, 5 yrs., Int’l Committee

• Air and Space Law Forum


Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)


• 2010-2011 – Member of the Conseil du President

• 1993-1999 - ABA Delegate to UIA

• 1990-94 UIA - US Vice President

• 1990’s UIA - Member of the Contracts Commission; Advisor to the President on International Corruption; Frequent speaker; US Chapter Vice President and member of the Governing Board (1993-1999)


Washington Foreign Law Society


• Since 1987 – Member

• 1988-89 - Board of Governors

• 1987-1990 - Newsletter Editor


American Society of International Law – member since 1986


Inter-American Bar Association



• Since 2009 - Special Advisor to the President

Aaron Schildhaus

Law Offices of Aaron Schildhaus


Suite 550

2001 S St NW

Washington, DC 20009 USA






Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mobile: +549-11-3428-4570


Past Chair, American Bar Association

Section of International Law




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