• We represent, advise and assist large and small, US and non-US corporations relative to compliance with anti-corruption legislation in the United States and world-wide. Mr. Schildhaus has particular expertise on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), having worked on FCPA matters for numerous clients since the passage of the Act in 1977. He was a member of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Special Task Force on International Standards for Corrupt Practices, before it became the ABA International Committee on Anti-Corruption, and currently is serving a second term as Senior Advisor to the Committee.


• We provide expert counsel to corporations with respect to their FCPA and other US and foreign governmental compliance needs. We continue to provide due diligence investigations of employees, agents and contractors in virtually all countries.


• Mr. Schildhaus has advised numerous governments on anti-corruption matters and has assisted with the drafting of investment legislation and the shaping of enforcement tools to identify, isolate and eliminate corruption in governmental processes.


• We advise corporations as well as NGO’s. We have done due diligence re company operations in Europe, Russia and the former countries of the USSR, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Mr. Schildhaus has advised the Boards of Directors of international NGO’s regarding anti-corruption matters in the preparation of bids and contracts, in political and election processes and financing, and in their everyday operations.


• We advise clients how to structure and manage their compliance programs relative to the FCPA and other US laws, and we assist with the design of such programs, taking into account the legal requirements of the jurisdictions in which the clients operate. We help tailor such programs to the specific needs and operational realities of each client. It is critical that corporations with US presence not only understand and comply with the FCPA and other applicable US laws and standards, but that they do so with respect to all the countries in which they operate. Proper programs and procedures need to be in place and observed so that all employees, company executives, agents and contractors understand them and adhere to them, as well.

• Mr. Schildhaus was retained by the World Bank as the sole presenter on a three-hour live video program on anti-corruption to Nigeria’s top government, anti-corruption officials. The program was co-sponsored by the International Law Institute and was broadcast from the Paris offices of the World Bank direct with Nigeria – November, 2005.


• Recent examples of Mr. Schildhaus' recognized expertise include a series of presentations he made on FCPA Compliance to the Society of Indian Law Firms in Delhi and Mumbai in early 2011, an article published in the April edition of the ABA's India Committee Newsletter on Anti-Corruption and the need for Non-US companies to understand and comply with, the FCPA; appearance as a panelist focusing on FCPA compliance programs at the 2011 Spring Meeting of the Section of International Law in Washington, DC, presiding at a panel on White Collar Crime with a focus on anti-corruption, at the Second Annual Joint ABA/Israel Bar Association Conference in Eilat, Israel in June, 2011, a paper on Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law delivered in Veracruz, Mexico at the Annual Conference of the Inter-American Bar Association.


• In addition to Mr. Schildhaus’ work as a member of the International Anti-Corruption Committee, he was special advisor to the President of the International Association of Lawyers (Union Internationale des Avocats, or UIA) on international corruption issues – 1995-1998; was the liaison between the ABA and the UIA on corruption matters; organized live satellite conference on corruption with the United States Information Agency between the US and Bombay and Delhi, India on “International Corruption”, featuring Justice Department’s chief FCPA enforcement attorney, representatives from Transparency International, ABA Task Force on Corruption, World Bank, and developing and industrial country bar presidents, UIA Annual Congress, Philadelphia, September, 1997. Chair of First and Second Annual UIA Developing Countries Law Fora; moderator and speaker, “International Corruption”, August, 1998; was a member of ABA/IBA International Rule of Law White Paper Task Force on Anti-Corruption – 2006-07; presentation of White Paper to ABA at mid-year meeting in 2007; presented a paper on Anti-corruption compliance at the Regional Meeting of ABA International in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2008; moderated presentation on “positive deviance” in dealing with anti-corruption - IBA annual meeting in Buenos Aires - October, 2008; has written and spoken on numerous additional, anti-corruption matters in numerous fora around the world for the past 15 years, and has continued to represent clients with respect to all aspects of anti-corruption, money-laundering and related legislation.


Counsel and Advice, Due Diligence - Internal and External Investigations; Compliance Programs; Design and Drafting of Legislation; Enforcement