• Representation of employer corporation in disputed liability regarding employment termination based on fraudulent behavior and release of company privileged information to third parties and unauthorized use of data in US


• Representation of corporation dispute over performance terms of consultancy agreement vis-à-vis Iraq


• Representation of UK investor in fraud action against other investors involving restaurant operations in Spain


• Representation of corporation regarding payment and performance dispute in manufacturing agreement with US supplier in Afghanistan


• Representation of Cypriot corporation in dispute involving failure of consideration by US engineering company sub-contractor under US Government contract


• Representation of New England seafood company in litigating in France and the US in a series of disputes with US and French banks and French suppliers of fish involving series of purported Letters of Credit


• Representation of French pharmaceutical company with litigation in US based on non-performance


• Representation of French company with immigration issues for employees in US

• Representation of French company in sexual harassment case for US subsidiary


• Representation of UK national in whistle-blowing FCPA case involving Africa and US Justice Department;


• Assisted with administrative determinations regarding US company with the hiring of foreign nationals into the US


• Assisted US creditor with repossession of helicopters transferred without authority to Peru and controlled by Peruvian military


• Managed litigation and repossession actions on behalf of US creditor relative to luxury yacht held by foundation defaulting on payment obligations


• Representation of US corporation in administrative tax litigation regarding payment of State sales tax


• Representation of US corporation in litigation against Canadian licensee for failure to comply with contractual obligations


• Representation of US entity in trademark infringement dispute settlement resolution


• Representation of Government of Ontario in complex pricing matter and GATT Panel Decision enforcement matter involving Canadian Federal Government and the European Communities


Mr. Schildhaus has worked with litigation counsel throughout his career. In his role as Counsel to US and European entities, he has worked with inside corporate counsel and with outside counsel in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia. Successfully concluded litigation issues included: